On March 8, International Women’s Day, and throughout the month of March, Americans will celebrate the many achievements of women throughout history in art, athletics, business, government, philanthropy, humanities, science, and education.  The March issue of Tiny House Magazine has chosen to celebrate the dynamic ladies shining in the modern tiny house movement spotlight. It is indisputable that women have contributed a lot to society, and we have made great strides in reducing the gender equity gap. In fact, some of the most incredible tiny house luminaries are women and are featured in the pages of Tiny House Magazine’s latest issue.

Beginning with the cover of the issue the celebration of women is strong. With her seventh cover (more than any other single builder or company!), MJ Boyle again showcases her design and building skills to work on her latest tiny house – The Wine Wagon – and her tiny house village with no less than four Airbnb rentals.

Further inside is a special page of Honors & Awards where Alyssa Nolan, the founder of Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors, is recognized for her reception of the Woman of the Year Award by California State Senator Jim Nielsen, 4th District, at the State Capitol in Sacramento.

Submitted by Yestermorrow Design/Build School and Chrissy Bellmyer (a former tiny houser herself) is a profile on Army National Guardsman Caitlin Purinton who upon completion of a 2010 deployment enrolled Yestermorrow and learned a number of skills that would one day be used on the build of her beloved ‘The Fainting Goat’ mobile English pub on wheels.

In terms of authors and contributors writer and content creator Laura LaVoie (best known in the tiny house world as the creator of Life in 120 Square Feet) walks us through her solution for an off-grid and low-power shower. Mama On The Rocks author Brynn Burger returns to THM pages with an extreme parenting article on the importance of creating positive space for your children.

Well known tiny houser and Victorian-era interpreter Shorty Robbins continues her Building Passion book series by profiling New Zealander Ingrid Stanway, as well as writing a How-To on building a bed out of a piano. 

Other female contributors include writer, podcaster, and #vanlifer Carmen Shenk, tiny house advocate and activist Emily Gerde, and lastly (but certainly not least) author and editor Christina Nellemann, who profiles a female-owned van rental business.

All in all, Tiny House Magazine Issue 87 is a tour de force of female voices so throughout March we invite you to join us in celebrating the many achievements of women around the world and in the modern tiny house movement. Purchase your issue now!

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